Hi there! Auden here.

As you might already know, I’m a game writer/dev/producer who worked on Find Love or Die Trying. I’ve created this blog to detail my journey in game development, record the lessons and learnings along the way, and (hopefully) help other people looking to create their own games. Even if you yourself are not interested in making your own games, I am sure that there will be much of interest as we dive into the guts of making games!

Game development is tough, and to be honest, I’m no expert. I’ve made an incredible amount of blunders through my journey making games, but I’m hoping that if I share what I’ve learned across the way, other people will be able to make their dream games without falling into potential pitfalls.

Through this blog, I would love to connect with other game developers of any trade (art, music, programming, etc.) and ideally, be able to share learnings and perspectives that help us make the games of our dreams!

Here’s to the many posts to come!

By audenjin

Indie Dev & Writer, Find Love or Die Trying

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